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Determine the Right Oil Change Schedule for Your Car!

Are you changing your oil too often or not often enough?

Oil changes are critical when it comes to extending the life of the engine in your car.  When it comes to determining when you should have the oil changed, it's important to consider more than just mileage.  You'll need to take into account whether you drive primarily on the highway or do a lot of stop and go city driving;  these can be important factors in determining how often you change you oil.  Some other things that matter are the type of car you drive, the type of oil used in your car, as well as how many miles you drive each year. 

In addition to regular oil changes, we also feel that it is very important to check and service all the other systems that make up a vehicle on a regular schedule.  That way, you can address an issue before it becomes a problem and prevent a potential breakdown.  We will make recommendations for servicing the rest of your car too. 

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