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Our priorities are your priorities.

Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

We know that family, your job, and your lifestyle are important; we are a family run business. Our customers lead busy lives, and when it comes to auto service, their list of priorities goes something like this: 

  • Help Me Keep My Car Running Reliably for as Long as I Decide to Keep It
  • Help Me Avoid Breakdowns and Accidents
  • Offer Reasonable Prices
  • Provide Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service
  • Get My Car Fixed Correctly in as Short a Period of Time as Possible

Does that sound like the kind of service you want? If so, we are a great place for you. Our services, policies and procedures are set up to make this happen.  We hire the best automotive technicians we can find, provide them with job security, training and a great place to work. We practice preventive and predictive maintenance and help you stay on track with your scheduled maintenance.  Additionally, we stay on top of technological advances and strive for the best we can offer in customer convenience and value.

We aren't in the market for quick fixes.

Car Care for Today and Tomorrow

We aren't in the market for "quick fixes".  If you want the cheapest fix you can find, we aren't the right auto service center for you.  That's because we know that cutting corners means you'll end up paying more in the long run.  It could be that your car won't last as long.  You may not be able to get to an important meeting at work or a family event because your car won't start.  Those are the things we help you avoid.

We do this by utilizing high-quality automotive parts.  Additionally, we invest in the software to fix your car correctly the first time.  This means we complete diagnoses to determine what's wrong with your vehicle -- before we fix it.  We don't just try a repair to see if it works.

 We strive to earn your business for today and tomorrow.  We won't do anything to jeopardize that -- like trying to sell you a service you don't need or not treating you with the utmost respect.  When you come to BA Auto Care, you become a valued part of our family.

Our first shop was called British and American Auto Care

Our History

Brian and Jennifer England opened their first auto shop in 1978 and named it British & American Auto Care. Their goal from day one was to offer drivers a high quality, honest Columbia MD auto service center. Upon this premise they have developed and grown BA Auto Care into the community leader it is today.

Their initial plan was to offer quality service for British and American vehicles, hence the name British American Auto Care (the '&' was eventually dropped). They now offer quality service on most automobile makes and models on the road today -- Asian, European and American cars, including the newer hybrids and electric cars, hence the shortened name, BA Auto Care.

In 1978 Brian was the only skilled technician. They had one apprentice technician and 1,500 square feet. Today they have nearly 20 employees and 13,500 square feet in their own custom designed, state-of-the-art facility. As well as housing 18 service bays and modern offices, the facility boasts a large, clean, comfortable customer lounge, with a special children’s  area.

Brian and Jennifer England - BA Auto Care Founders

Brian and Jennifer England - Founders 

Both Brian and Jennifer are still active in the business. Jennifer works part-time with primary responsibility for the bookkeeping side of the business. Brian serves as president, and he is committed to ensuring that the original vision of providing unparalleled customer service flows throughout every facet of their operation. In order to ensure this, BA Auto Care hires employees who embrace this philosophy. 

Additionally, Brian's deep concern for the environment has led him to implement several environmentally friendly practices at the auto shop from recycling to energy saving lighting in the shop.  Additionally, his dedication to providing a safe, enjoyable, "knowledge-based" workplace led him to be a pioneer in implementing training, health care, and flexible hours for his staff. 

Brian and Jennifer England - BA Auto Care Founders
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Sandi Weaver - General Manager

Jennifer and Brian's daughter, Sandi, serves as General Manager of the auto shop. She obtained her designation as an Accredited Automotive Manager from the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) back in 2007.  In fact, Sandi and her mom, Jennifer, graduated from the AMI at the same time. In addition to serving as general manager, Sandi stays very busy raising two young children with her husband Jeff Weaver.

Meet the Rest of the BA Team & Learn More About Us

BA Auto Care has been recognized time and time again, not just as Howard County’s Finest Auto Repair Facility, but also as offering the best customer service of all the auto repair service facilities in Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC. It's BA Auto Care's leadership team and dedicated staff that make it all possible.