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Can't Get Your Tire Pressure Indicator Light to Go Off?

by Brian England on Thu, Oct 29, 2015


You hop into the car, ready to head out and notice a new light shining brightly on your dashboard, the tire pressure indicator light.  Being conscientious and concerned about safety, you stop at the nearest gas station, ensure all your tires are filled to the right pressure and hop back into the car -- only to notice that that tire pressure light is still on.  You assume the pressure gauge was probably off, recheck the tires at another gas station, but the reading is the same.  Every tire appears to be filled to the right pressure.  

What could be the problem?

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Topics: tires, tire pressure monitoring system, auto tire pressure

When to Sell Your High Mileage Vehicle - The Debate

by Brian England on Mon, Oct 01, 2012

With the topic of debates in the news this week, another debate comes to mind.....

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Topics: tire pressure monitoring system, high mileage vehicle, safety, collision driver assist systems, hi tech options for cars

Avoid up to a $600 Repair - Replace the Tire Pressure Valve Cap!

by Brian England on Thu, Feb 10, 2011

Quality automotive service and repairs should include checking your cars tires carefully. Chevy, Toyota, VW -- no mater what automotible you drive you should make sure you auto repair shop does this automotive service.

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Topics: tire safety, proper tire pressure, tire treads, tire pressure, tire pressure monitoring system, replacing tire pressure valves

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