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Land Rover Oil Change Quiz

by Brian England on Tue, Jul 25, 2017

Here is a quick Land Rover Oil Change Quiz.

  1. How often should you check the oil level on a 2016 Land Rover, Range Rover, or Sport?
  2. Where is the oil level dipstick?
  3. How do you check the oil level?
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Topics: oil changes, preventive auto maintenance, car manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, Land Rover, low oil level, car engine damage, oil level check

Preservation Focus: Reaching 200,000 Miles – It Takes a Little TLC

by Brian England on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

We celebrated the tenth birthday of our white 2005 Dodge Caravan free courtesy shuttle van last year, and not long after that, in December of 2015, we hit the 200K milestone.  

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Topics: preventive auto maintenance, high mileage vehicle, auto repair records, 200K Miles

Car Repairs and Maintenance When Money is Tight

by Brian England on Wed, Nov 24, 2010

When your budget is under strain in a slow economy, it is easy to put off preventive maintenance of your car with the thought of saving money. It's true, today's modern vehicles can go longer between services, parts that used to make cars unreliable after 10,000 to 20,000 miles now last 50,000 to 100,000 miles. But, regular maintenance checks are still very important. They tell your service provider the current condition of your vehicle so they can make informed recommendations that will also take your budget into consideration.

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Topics: preventive auto maintenance, preventive car care, brake job, tight economy, car repairs

Preventive Car Maintenance, Neither Red or Blue, Just Common Sense

by Brian England on Mon, May 24, 2010

Even with the passage of health care reform, the debate continues. There are many different ideas and opinions on what health care reform is going to do or not do. It is a complicated issue because we have a complex health care system or mix of systems. But there are some issues there's not much debate on: 1) the importance of primary care; 2) practicing preventive care, and 3) establishing good health care practices.  If we can work out a health care plan that includes all three, we will be well on our way to preventing many serious health care problems.

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Topics: preventive auto maintenance, preventive car care, auto care, regular auto maintenance

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