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7 Great Spots to Grab a Bite to Eat Near our Columbia MD Auto Shop

by Brian England on Mon, Jun 29, 2015

Some of the things we love about Columbia, MD -- the georgeous parkways and fabulous greenery -- can also make it a bit hard to spot a particular businesses you're looking for. If you’re ever leaving our auto shop around lunch time or are waiting here, and feel like walking out to take a quick bite...here are seven great spots that can satisfy your grumbling tummy. 

Our first three picks are hidden treasures. Each is tucked away in a business park or shopping strip that you can’t quite spot from the street. 

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Topics: Columbia, MD, lunch spots

Columbia Auto Shop Starts Fixing Old Jaguars, MGBs, Minis &Triumphs

by Brian England on Thu, Aug 14, 2014

One of the most exciting things about owning a business is being able to make rapid decisions and changing things quickly and efficiently. It's like having your own world. You can innovate and try things without too much fuss.

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Topics: auto, Columbia, British classic cars, Jaguars, MGBs, Minis, Triumphs, repair

Columbia's AAA Car Care Center - The Issue Isn't "Competition"

by Brian England on Mon, Sep 23, 2013

Background:  As many Howard County residents may know, Columbia is a planned community with many covenants that guide community development.  One of the key covenants limits the amount of retail allowed for businesses in industrial parks.  Covenants are negative in as much as they take away some freedom, but they are also positive because they set a standard, and this adds value. There is currently a plan to build a AAA Car Care Center which is in direct conflict with Columbia's covenants. AAA certainly has the right to build a repair facility, but they do not have the right to have 50% of their building retail, travel and insurance services, which is close to three times the amount permitted by the covenants.  

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Topics: Columbia, AAA Car Care Center, competition, covenants, outstanding automotive service

Land Rover Service and Repair - Know the facts...

by Brian England on Mon, May 02, 2011

 It is hard to think it has been 35 years since I started my Rover apprenticeship in a small town northwest of London. Now there are still Land Rovers but no more Rovers.

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Topics: Land Rover, high maintenance cost, repairs and service, Columbia, MD, used Land Rover, service record

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