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The Most Commonly Overlooked Automotive Electrical Problem

by Brian England on Tue, Jan 11, 2011

Automotive electronics have become more and more complicated. A single automobile can now have over 50 different computers!  You might think that having this many different computers could be a source of problems -- Well, in a way, you would be right.  Often when analyzing a problem, trained automotive technicians jump right away to hooking up to a scan tool or a diagnostic computer.  Before long they are bogged down trying to evaluate and understand strange or possibly contradictory data.  All too often the basics are forgotten.  Among these forgotten basics are the battery and most importantly, the battery connections. A low battery or poor battery connections can wreck havoc in computer controlled systems.  It can cause the alternator to fail or even cause the computers to loose their memory. Lost memory can cause all sorts of running problems until the system relearns.  It can also activate the security system in your radio so you will have to enter a code number for the radio to come back on. [Check your vehicles handbook to see if it has a radio code. It is a good idea to let the shop that services your vehicle know the code and keep it on file.] 

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