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Local Auto Repair Shop Hits Over 1 Million Page Views

by Brian England on Tue, Jan 19, 2016

Milestones are great.They signal an achievement -- progress toward a goal.

Wondering about the significance of 1,083,026?  Well that's the number of page views we had achieved when I sat down to write this blog.  Achieving over one million page views signals that sometimes we hit the mark and deliver exactly the content you are looking for.  

That's what we aim for.  Delivering value!

When I first started blogging back in March of 2010, I couldn't have imagined hitting over one million page views on the BA Auto Care website. Now that we are here I want to thank you, our customers and friends for getting us there.  I also want to thank our marketing agency, Asage Marketing. I work in partnership with Ros Williams, the Marketing Director at Asage, on all of our online marketing projects including the blog.  We started using Hubspot back when we began blogging and it really helps us to deliver articles and content that's aligned with what our customers are looking for.  

Successful partnerships are what help us achieve success -- whether it's with customers, suppliers, or friends -- and we appreciate that!

Here's the content viewed most in 2015:

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Why Didn't Ford Look After Their Customer?

by Brian England on Mon, Aug 26, 2013

Often we are judged, not on how well we perform a job, but on how well we perform when something goes wrong. Most people understand that auto repairs and service can’t be perfect; that is why we have warranties. When it comes to a warranty issue or perhaps an issue just outside of the warranty, how an auto service provider performs becomes very important.

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Topics: Toyota, auto service, warranty, Ford, customer service, expiration

The Most Over Looked Auto Service!

by Brian England on Mon, Jun 03, 2013

No matter what car you own, you should have a tire inspection at least every six months.  It is the most over looked auto service, and it's extremely important when it comes to your safety. 

Regular tire inspections may seem like they aren't a big deal, but every day you see cars on the side of highways with flat tires. It is so common, I doubt if you give it a second thought; you may even think it is part of owning a car to get punctures in your tires. Well, it is not. You can help prevent this from happening by having your car serviced at least every six months.  (And this doesn't mean going to a quick lube place.)

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4 Steps to Resolving an Auto Service or Repair Issue

by Dorothy George on Mon, Oct 31, 2011

When we interact with consumer service businesses —whether it's a hairstylist, a veterinarian, or an automotive shop—it’s important to know how to handle problems when they arise. Maintaining objectivity can be difficult, but orderliness is helpful in deciding on an approach.  This provides a framework for addressing a problem.

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Photography Tidbits Courtesy of One of our Auto Repair Customers

by Dorothy George on Wed, Oct 12, 2011

One of the more interesting aspects of working at BA Auto Care is getting to know our customers and learning about their hobbies and interests.  Being chosen "Best of Howard County" for auto service for over 25 of our 33 years in business demonstrates the customer trust we've maintained. One of the privileges of that trust is the opportunity to serve 2nd generation customers.  The Talabac family is one of those customers. I recently learned that one of the family members, Stephen Talabac, is a member of the Central Maryland Photographers Guild (CMPG), he and has his own website of mostly nature photography. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend one of his CMPG presentations as well as interview him.  I enjoyed what I learned so much, that I thought I would share it with you….

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