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Protect Yourself - Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop - An Infographic

by Brian England on Fri, Jun 27, 2014

Last week, the office of consumer affairs in Howard County, MD put out an informational piece describing ways to protect yourself when choosing an auto repair shop.  It included 1) asking friends or neighbors, 2) trying out the shop first and 3) asking for a written estimate.  

We thought we would go a step further and develop an infographic that provides additional tips to help you to protect yourself when choosing an auto repair shop.

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Something I Got From My Auto Repair Shop That I Never Expected

by Rosalyn Williams on Sat, Mar 15, 2014

It’s probably a good idea to start out this blog post talking about me and maintenance; it’s a constant challenge. Here are some examples:

  • I’ve owned a home as a single woman for 13 years, and I’ve only had my furnace inspected and cleaned about 3 of those years. Yes, I know I it’s supposed to be done every year; it’s just that this item never seems to move to the top of my to-do list.
  • I know everything you ever wanted to know about sealing a home for energy efficiency because I worked for DAP, a caulk and sealant manufacturer for nine years, yet so much cold air comes in from under my kitchen door (and through many windows) that we sometimes have ice inside on the floor & on the windows. Pretty bad, huh?
  • When I first became a single mom, after my divorce, I simply forgot that cars needed regular maintenance (or maybe I was confused since the maintenance manuals stopped around 60,000 miles & my ex-husband used to take care of the cars). Whatever the case may be, I owned a Dodge Caravan that lived on oil changes & repairs only. A couple of times, the repairs were botched, (and one botched repair even cost me a friendship since I missed an important commitment, but I digress). Unfortunately that Dodge Caravan didn’t live too long.

Anyway, that’s just for perspective…

And then, about four years ago I started getting my car repaired at BA Auto Care. Before that, I went to different places like Pep Boys, a shell gas station near my job, quick lube places, and finally, for a few of my cars, to the dealer. My preference was fast and cheap, but with my last few cars, I tried to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and went to the dealer for the recommended service intervals because I wanted my cars to last.

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10 Things Outstanding BMW, Audi, VW or Mercedes Repair Shops Provide

by Brian England on Mon, Nov 12, 2012

If you own a European car (e.g. a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Volkswagen), and would like to find a place to take your automobile for service or repair, how do you choose the right shop?

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Should You Ask to See Old Auto Parts After a Repair or Service?

by Brian England on Tue, Jul 03, 2012

It is strange how when something is done in our auto repair shop for many years it becomes part of a routine. Then a new generation comes along and they wonder why we do it! This is the case with us keeping the old parts we remove from cars as part of a repair or routine maintenance. A decade or so ago it was routine for a customer to ask to see the various automotive parts that we had removed from their car. It was the accepted thing to do. At one time we had special bags for them, and we would put them in the customer’s car. Now, it is very rare that we are asked to keep the parts. Sometimes when we come across a very unusual problem and it is of interest we might show the customer the parts.

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Headlight Restoration - From Cloudy to Clear

by Brian England on Mon, Jun 11, 2012

A simple headlamp restoration job can take your headlights from cloudy to clear.  In the video below, we show a headlamp restoration in process at our Columbia, MD auto repair shop.

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