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You Can Save Money by Buying Automotive Parts Online, but...

by Brian England on Thu, Sep 01, 2016

This blog post was originally published in 2011, but has been updated to reflect the fact that beginning September 1, 2016, BA Auto Care began covering all major repairs for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

It is very easy to find automotive parts online at great prices but I would only recommend doing this if you are going to install the parts yourself.

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Should You Ask to See Old Auto Parts After a Repair or Service?

by Brian England on Tue, Jul 03, 2012

It is strange how when something is done in our auto repair shop for many years it becomes part of a routine. Then a new generation comes along and they wonder why we do it! This is the case with us keeping the old parts we remove from cars as part of a repair or routine maintenance. A decade or so ago it was routine for a customer to ask to see the various automotive parts that we had removed from their car. It was the accepted thing to do. At one time we had special bags for them, and we would put them in the customer’s car. Now, it is very rare that we are asked to keep the parts. Sometimes when we come across a very unusual problem and it is of interest we might show the customer the parts.

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Columbia Auto Repair Shop Scores Good Rating on Price

by Brian England on Mon, Jan 09, 2012

British American Auto Care is one of only two Columbia auto repair shops to get a top rating by the 2011 Washington Consumers Checkbook for price. Plus, we received a rating of 79% in all the other categories and were rated by the more people than any other auto repair shop in Howard County.

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How do Long-life Auto Parts and Fluids Really Stand up in Service?

by Brian England on Mon, Dec 05, 2011

Manufacturers of automobiles have chosen to use many long-life auto parts and fluids to cut back on the maintenance costs of their vehicles. The manufacturers of these 'long-life' products make many claims about how long they last.  For example Nissan uses an anti-freeze that the manufacturers say lasts ten years or 120,000 miles.  However, Nissan recommends that car owners change it every four years or 60,000 miles. Why the difference???

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