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Beware the overzealous quick lube manager: Discover the benefits of using a full service auto repair shop

Care Plans Versus Car Leasing: The New Way Not To Buy A Car

Getting To Know Your Car: The Key to Quality, Affordable Auto Service

A holiday gift for local families in need: A “Social Safety Blanket” that makes it easier to get help

Making Sense of Driver Assistant Systems on Your Car

Your Teen Driver’s First Car And How To Keep Them Safe On The Road

Mobile Auto Service - The Pros and Cons

Auto Repairs that Sound Simple Can Cost A Lot

Thoughts on Being a Neighbor to Ellicott City

Move in May

It's Spring: Check Your Car's Air Filters & Air Conditioning

How Much to Replace a Headlight Bulb & Brake Light on a 2010 Mercedes?

Preventing Falls in the Auto Shop and At Home

Are You Prepared For a "Mental Health First Aid" Emergency?

Intermittent Auto Warning Lights + Misfires - Not As Easy As 1, 2, 3...

What Do Dentists and Auto Repair Centers Have in Common

Make Sure You Discuss These 5 Key Items When Your Car Is In for Servicing or Repairs

What’s Causing That Loud Screeching Noise that Changes When I Brake

Too Many Quick Lube Visits Lead to Dangerously Thin Brake Pads

Top 10 Ways to Love Your Car in 2018

Why We Are Shortening Our Name to BA Auto Care

Oil Leak Triggers Check Engine Light

Tire Pressure Light On, but Tires Properly Inflated?

Discover the Chevy Bolt EV - Our New Courtesy Shuttle

Ten Annoying Habits That Damage Your Car

Is a Certified Mechanic Servicing Your Brakes?

To Tow or Not to Tow -- Which Car Problems Require a Tow?

Do Self-Driving Cars Increase Your Chances Of Vehicle Theft?

Land Rover Oil Change Quiz

Trust + Experience + Checks + Balances + Respect = High Quality Car Repairs

Understanding the Ten Step Auto Diagnostic Procedure

My Brake Pedal Sunk to the Floor. Are My Brakes Failing?

Why is My Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

New Hybrid Battery Service Offerings Save Owners Money

Using Auto Diagnostic Check Sheets to Speed Your Auto Repair

Is Your Car a Victim of the MINI Cooper Low Oil Level Epidemic?

Why Can't I Have a Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection Performed on a Rainy Day?

Brakes and the Warning Systems That Help Us Monitor Them

Auto Repair Dilema - When to Blame the Mechanic vs. When to Blame the Car

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Your Punctured Car Tire Repaired

Mercedes Owner's $1000 Cup of Coffee

Why Do I Even Need An Oil Change?

Tire Pressure Monitors - Transmitting "LIVE" from a Car Tire Near You

Maximize Winter Driving Visibility With These 10 Tips

Why Did My Brake Caliper Fail After Only 18 Months?

Pamper Your Car with A Little Pre-Holiday Vehicle Servicing

Is this Car Haunted or Is it Just an Intermittent Car Problem?

My Car's Remote Failed. How Do I Open My Rear Hatch?

Online Car Care & Pet Care ... Something in Common

My Car Hit a Median Strip.  What Should I Do?

My SRS (Air Bag) Warning Light, is On!

You Can Save Money by Buying Automotive Parts Online, but...

Buying a Car at an Auction? Buyer Beware!

Why Did My Car's New Alternator Fail?

Retiring an Old 2001 Saab to the Junkyard

Car Won't Shift into 1st Gear? You May Not Need a New Clutch.

What Would the Best Auto Service in Howard County Look Like?

Daytime Running Lights - Some Things You Should Know

Clutch Failures: 5 Ways to Avoid Them + 2 Case Studies

Fixing Aluminum Wheel Corrosion Without Replacement

Maxi Noise From a MINI

Local Auto Repair Shop Hits Over 1 Million Page Views

Top 10 Handbrake Questions a.k.a Parking Brakes 101

How We Helped Save a BMW Owner over $9000

Auto Repair Quick Fix Backfires!

Avoid Getting the Used Car "Lemon Blues"

Our Acura's 1st Service at the Dealer - A 100 Minute Wait

Can't Get Your Tire Pressure Indicator Light to Go Off?

Car Wheel Almost Falls Off Due to Unsafe Maintenance Practices

Top 10 Things MINI Cooper Owners Should Know

British American Auto President, Brian England, Inducted into WMDA Hall of Fame

Self Driving Cars a.k.a. the Totally Cool Future of Autonomous Cars

Columbia MD Auto Shop Goes Solar Again

Getting a Car Repair Estimate in Columbia MD

7 Great Spots to Grab a Bite to Eat Near our Columbia MD Auto Shop

Your Car Battery Just May Be The Cause of Your Problems

12 Step Plan - Uncover What's Causing Your Car to Shake

Does Your Car Smell Musty or Feel Damp? Is Water Pouring on Your Foot?

Hit a Pothole? Check Tires, Wheel Alignment, Suspension & Steering

5 Q&A's: Intake Valve Carbon Build-up, Direct Injection & Mini Coopers

Car Batteries. When to Change Them?

Preservation Focus: Reaching 200,000 Miles – It Takes a Little TLC

My Nissan has a Fluctuating Idle When Hot. Is this a Problem?

My Battery Died Right After a Maryland State Inspection. What Caused This?

What is a Differential on a Car and What Does it Do?

My Car Will Not Start Sometimes - How Much Will it Cost to Fix This?

Our Columbia Auto Shop Customer Bill of Rights

Avoid Having Your Dream Car Turn into a Nightmare

Smoking Car? 6 Types of Auto Related Vapor / Smoke to Be Aware Of

How Can I Keep My Car's Cabin Air Filter Clean?

Yes, Some Auto Services Can Wait

10 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

My Car's Windshield Washer Fluid Won't Spray. What Should I Do?

From the Morris Minor-Mini to the new 2015's - Mini Continues to Evolve

My Car Runs Hot. Do I Need a Coolant Flush?

Drive a Mini Cooper, Audi or BMW? Beware of Low Engine Oil Levels.

Columbia Auto Shop Starts Fixing Old Jaguars, MGBs, Minis &Triumphs

The Myth of the $19.99 Oil Change

Auto Transmission Repairs - What Every Driver Should Know

Car AC Works Sometimes? Blowing cold today but warm tomorrow?

Columbia MD Brake Service - What Every Driver Should Know

Protect Yourself - Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop - An Infographic

The Auto Shop Road Test – Why Your Mileage is Different at Pick-up

What is the Anti-Lock Brake System and How do I Maintain it?

Mini Cooper Coolant Leaks

My Car is Making a Loud Noise - What's Causing it?

There is Something Hanging Under My Car!

Why is my Mini Cooper Making a Rattling Noise?

Mini Cooper Power Steering Failures Cause Difficult Steering

My Check Engine Light is On. Is it Okay to Keep Driving?

3 Common Problems with Mini Cooper Doors & Windows

Something I Got From My Auto Repair Shop That I Never Expected

Mini Cooper - 10 Quick Facts

7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face

Avoid VW Cooling System Problems - Replace Your "Lifetime" Antifreeze

Having Range Rover or Land Rover Suspension Issues near Columbia MD?

"Love Local Restaurant Weeks" in Howard County begins Monday Jan 13th

The New Mini Vision - Coming Soon to the DC / Baltimore Metro Area

Columbia MD Auto Repair Case Resolved: Toyota Camry w/ Burning Smell

Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

10 Common Q&A's: "Why Won't My Car Start; Is the Car Battery Dead?"

Think Your Car Battery is Going Dead? 10 Common Terms You Should Know

Driverless Cars - Coming Soon to a Parking Lot Near You

Why & When Tires Need to be Rotated

Does Your Car Have a Timing Belt or Timing Chain?

10 Great Reasons to Shop at Local, Independent Businesses

"It's So Easy to Change a Car Bulb!"

BA Customer Profile - Erik Deatherage WTMD 89.7 FM Morning Show Host

Columbia's AAA Car Care Center - The Issue Isn't "Competition"

Knowing a Few Tire Repair Basics Can Help Keep You Safe

On Angie's List AAAAAA Trumps AAA for Car Care Every Time

Why Didn't Ford Look After Their Customer?

6 Reasons to Pick Better World Auto Club Over AAA

13 Ways to Save Gas and Save Money

Eight Tips for Preventive Maintenance on Low Annual Mileage Cars

A Smelly Automotive Blog! 6 Car Smells That Could Signal a Problem.

Top 12 Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Auto Shop

What Amenities Should An Auto Shop Waiting Room Provide?

Sailing Through the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP)

The Most Over Looked Auto Service!

AAA Car Care Centers - The Double Standard

8 Things You Can Do to Avoid Being a Distracted Driver.

Clean Automotive Intake Valves and Why it Matters.

Does the Auto Repair Industry Get Women Wrong Too?

What to do if Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Is Your Columbia MD Auto Shop “Well-Seasoned”?

Is Your Car Shaking? 3 Common Problems That Cause Cars to Vibrate

Predict High Auto Maintenance Cost - Gage Your Car's "Fun Factor"

Hummmmmm... Is Your Car Making Unusual Noises?

14 Helpful Inclement Weather Auto Safety Tips for 2013

Taking on the Responsibility of Auto Maintenance

What are These "Extra" Auto Services our Toyota Dealer Recommended?

Should I Own a Car with a Continuously Variable Transmission?

10 Things Outstanding BMW, Audi, VW or Mercedes Repair Shops Provide

What Should I Pay for a Brake Repair Job in Columbia, Maryland?

7 Items You Might Miss If You Only See Your Auto Mechanic Once A Year

Columbia, MD Auto Shop Offers Payment Plan through Bosch Service

When to Sell Your High Mileage Vehicle - The Debate

Sales are Soaring, but is the VW Service & Repair Record Still Poor?

ALERT: New MD Traffic Law - Cars Must STOP at Broken Traffic Signals

High Gas Prices Getting You Down? 11 Tips for Fuel Efficiency.

Has the U.S. Finally Forgotten the Audi 1980's PR Nightmare?

How Do You Know When You Are Getting a High Quality Auto Repair?

Think Oil Changes Every 3000 Miles Are All You Need? Better Read This

Should You Ask to See Old Auto Parts After a Repair or Service?

Our Top 5 Blog Posts - From State Inspections to Windshield Wipers

Headlight Restoration - From Cloudy to Clear

Installing A Side Airbag at Our Columbia, MD Auto Repair Shop

Hybrid Car Repair in Columbia, MD

A Glimpse into the Good Old Days of "Easy" Jaguar Repairs

Most Drivers Need 'Severe Driving Conditions' Auto Service - Do You?

Do-it-Yourself Mini Cooper Auto Repair -- When Can it Cost You More?

Lower Cost, High Quality Auto Repair Linked to Health Care Reform

Extend the Life of Your Car - Take a Driver Improvement Course

Just an Oil Change and Lube Please

Oil Warning Light On -- Stop to Prevent Costly Car Engine Damage

15 Things to Consider When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

My 60,000 Mile Check-up Ended up Costing More Than I Expected. Why???

Why Should I Complete an Auto Shop Customer Service Survey?

Do Auto Repair Diagnostic Forms Really Matter?

What Does it Take to Earn the Label "Auto Repair Expert"?

Columbia Auto Repair Shop Scores Good Rating on Price

9 Steps to Understanding a Car Repair or Service Estimate

AAA Car Care in Towson -- Is it Really a Name You Should Trust???

Should You Buy Tires at an Auto Repair Shop, a Tire Shop or Online?

How Many Engine Oils Should Your Independent Auto Repair Shop Stock?

How do Long-life Auto Parts and Fluids Really Stand up in Service?

Will an SUV Cost Me More in Auto Service and Repairs?

Part 2 - How is Your Auto Mechanic Being Paid ?

4 Steps to Resolving an Auto Service or Repair Issue

7 Auto Safety Tips for Driving in Floods

3 Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Auto Mechanic

Photography Tidbits Courtesy of One of our Auto Repair Customers

Help British American Auto Care Give to the Howard County Community

Is Your Auto Repair Shop A Place You Would Like to Spend Time?

If I Buy a Volkswagon, Will it Cost Me a Lot in VW Service & Repairs?

BMW Repair, Service, and Technology Tips to Consider Before You Buy

Seven Defensive Driving Tips for Auto Safety

BA Auto Care Back in 1978

Barbeque at an Automotive Shop in Columbia

Green Integration for "Peace of Mind" in Auto Care & Life

Auto Safety - Speed Cameras are a Good Idea for Howard County

How Far Would you go for a More EcoFriendly Community?

Five Good Reasons to Buy Automobile Tires Locally vs. Online?

Is Your Auto Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer?

Buying a Car Battery is Complicated Even...

A Few Things You Should Know About Maryland VEIP and Emission Repairs

Mixing Auto Repair with a Little Community Activism via the HCCA

Land Rover Service and Repair - Know the facts...

Columbia, MD's Bosch Automotive Repair Shop

Interested in Green Car Care - Try an Eco-Friendly Auto Club

Nitrogen in Car Tires -- Does it Really Make a Difference?

Beyond Green Car Repair and onto a Magical Watershed Tour...

Cheap Oil Changes - Is There a Hidden Cost?

Free Wheel Alignments for the Life of your Car

Help, My 2007 BMW Wheels Are Stuck On!!

Replacing Auto Headlights - How many, How often?

On the Topic of Asian Car Quality... what about Honda Repairs???

Cloudy Auto Headlights? They Can be Restored!

Avoid up to a $600 Repair - Replace the Tire Pressure Valve Cap!

Automobile Repair Shop Tips: "When to Balance Automobile Wheels"

What Comprises High Quality Car Brake Repair and Service?

A Groupon Day in the Auto Repair & Services Business

The Most Commonly Overlooked Automotive Electrical Problem

"An Oil Change" versus "Complete Automotive Oil and Filter Services"

Toyota Service and Repair in Columbia for 30 Years

New Honda Maintenance - Should You Use the Dealer?

Moved Recently? You Have 60 Days to Register A Car in Maryland!

Practice "Informed" Auto Maintenance and Avoid Potential Car Problems

Car Repairs and Maintenance When Money is Tight

Concerned About Auto Safety? Know the 5 Point Tire Safety Check

What Exactly is An Auto Tune Up?

Incentives and Auto Repair -- How is Your Technician Being Paid???

ASE Certified Automotive Technicians -- Does it really matter?

How the Columbia Auto Repair Center Got it's Start

Twitter, A Great Source for Car Repair Info, Automotive News and More

5 Auto Service Tips to Keep You Safe and Your Car Running Smoothly

When Does British American = Asian, European and American Car Repair?

Quality Car Repair Service Begins with Consistency

Sell, Trade, or Donate My Used Car, Which is Best?

Technology is Key to Advances for APL & Award Winning Auto Care

Navigating through the Maryland State Inspection Process

A Reminder -- Older Cars Need Preventative Auto Maintenance Too

200,000 Miles & Counting... More Preventive Auto Maintenance or Sell?

Green Registry Leadership Award for a Columbia Auto Repair Facility.

5 Things to Consider When It's Time to Buy A New Car!

How is the Deciphering of Secret Codes Related to Auto Repair?

Watch Out - Diagnosing Car Problems on the Web Can Cost You Money!

Tips on Cool Places in Columbia -- Only a Courtesy Shuttle Ride Away

Best Auto Mechanics in Columbia Share 12 Gas Saving Tips

Focus on Education Leads to the Best Auto Service in Howard County

85% of cars need repair or preventive maintenance !!

Windshield Wipers Smearing? Try This Before You Replace Wiper Blades

Preventive Car Maintenance, Neither Red or Blue, Just Common Sense

5 Steps to Finding an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

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