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Not Feeling Comfortable With Your Car's Brake Performance?

Our Columbia MD Auto Service Center Offers Expert Brake Service and Repairs.

Let's Face it.  When Your Brakes are Failing it Can Be a Scary Situation.

We can help you get at the root cause of the braking problem on your Asian, European, or American car...whatever you're driving.

The braking system is very complex. It is a mixture of a mechanical system, hydraulic system and an electronic system.  When inspecting and performing work on the braking systems, all three of these systems must be taken into consideration.

Mechanical Components

The mechanical system components consist of the brake pads, rotors and calipers.

Brake Rotor, Brake Caliper and Brake Pads

Brake pads wear as you brake.  If you are a gentle driver with a family car they will last 50,000 or more miles. If you are an aggressive driver with a sports car then you may be lucky to have your brake pads last 20,000 miles. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

Rotors wear and become uneven so they should be machine smoothed or replaced if they are close to being undersize.

Calipers can have some mechanical aspects; these should be checked for wear and serviced.

Below are some actual photos of brake parts.  In the first photo, you can see that the brake caliper has become rusted.  After replacement, you can see the dramatic difference.

Rusted Brake Caliper New Brake Caliper

Hydraulic Components

The hydraulic system components consist of the brake master cylinder, the antilock brake system, brake lines and hose and the brake caliper.

brake assembly diagram

The hydraulic system brake fluid should be changed about every 4 years. Doing this removes moisture from the system and protects the antilock valve system. The brake lines and hose can last a very long time, but they should be checked for salt damage (rust) and for damage caused by an accident or something from the road hitting a brake line or hose.

Often the brake caliper should be rebuilt or replaced when performing a brake job on a car that's four years old or older or one that's been driven over 50,000 miles. Caliper service will allow the replacement brakes to last as long as the original brakes.

The electronic system components consist of a computer, electronic valve body and sensors.

The electronic system does not need any service work, but when performing a brake inspection, the wiring to the antilock brake system should be checked for damage. Also, when performing a brake service the antilock brake sensors and reluctors should be inspected and cleaned.

Brake systems are complex! It is never JUST a brake job or JUST installing brake pads. We always perform a detailed brake inspection so you will have a safe and reliable vehicle.

Be sure to get your car serviced as soon as you notice a problem with the brakes!

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