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Auto Mechanics & Certified Technicians | Columbia, MD

BA Auto Care's (formerly British American Auto Care's) skilled auto mechanics are at the heart of our operation.  We rely on them to deliver the same high quality auto repairs time after time.  In order to ensure this happens, we provide them with the latest information, training, and technology as well as provide them with a safe, modern work environment.

Paul - ASE Certified Master Tech

Paul - Technician

Paul is an ASE Master certified technician and has been with us the longest -- over 30 years. Paul grew up on a farm in Lisbon and served as a volunteer fire fighter there. Paul has two daughters and two granddaughters. He loves to ride his motor bike and thinks nothing of going to Canada for the weekend with the group he rides with.

Ben, ASE Master and Bosch Certified Technician

Ben Technician

Ben is an ASE Master Certified Technician and Advanced Engine Performance Specialist. He's also a Bosch Certified Technician and is ACDC (Hybrid and Electric vehicle) certified. Ben came to us over 17 years ago as an apprentice working in the service bays. He is now one of the top diagnostic technicians. Ben likes to take to the ice when he’s off the clock, playing ice hockey.

auto technician

Jeff - Technician 

Jeff is an ASE Master Technician. He served in the Navy before entering the automotive field and is married with two grown boys. He goes crabbing every Sunday in the summer and brings home 1-2 bushels each time. Jeff is currently looking for a vacation house in South Carolina.

Jon-ASE Certified Auto Mechanic - British American Auto Care.jpg

Jon - Technician

Jon, an ASE certified technician, joined our team in 2015.  He and his wife Merideth tied the knot back in 2012 (still newlywed territory around here).  Jon enjoys playing in a band for his church’s youth group,  fishing, playing video and board games, and building car models. Oh, did we mention he’s a Star Wars fan. Born and raised in the Woodlawn area, he and his wife are now living in Pasadena with their dog, Zoe. 

Hernando - ASE Certified Auto Mechanic - British American Auto.jpg

Hernando - Technician

Hernando is an ASE Certified Master Technician and a Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist. Originally from New Jersey, Hernando started out repairing broken toasters and putting scraps of bikes together. As an adult, Hernando lived in Puerto Rico  for seven years before being recruited into the automotive industry in Maryland. In his spare time he plays board games with his two teenage boys and enjoys fishing in the ocean. His little daughter has him wrapped around her finger. 

Barry - Apprentice Auto Mechanic at British American Auto Care.jpg

Barry - Apprentice 

Barry, is the newest member of the BA Auto Care team. He works at BA Auto Care while taking classes at CCBC. His love of fixing things started at an early age when he would take things apart and put them back together for fun. Now he's making it his career.

Our Promise

As dedicated partners in caring for your car, we promise to deliver the highest quality service level that we can provide.  We will always put your safety first when recommending preventive maintenance and repairs. We will treat you with the highest level of respect, honoring your opinions and concerns. We'll never be condescending or discourteous. And, most importantly, we will provide the highest level of excellence in servicing your car.  Check out our Customer Bill of Rights for more details on our service levels.

Our Guarantee

All of our repairs are guaranteed for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.  If a part we installed fails within that period, we'll replace it, free of charge. 

Our Reputation

We have built a reputation for honest, high quality auto service from the smallest oil change to major repairs. Check out our customer reviews on Demandforce or HoCoBiz.

Plus, you'll be glad to know that we follow the Automobile Service Association’s (ASA) ethical guidelines to ensure you receive the the highest level of customer service. 

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